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Business owners are learning quickly that having a "Home Page" on the Internet is a primary means to build volume and sell goods. In addition, the Internet is a very cost effective means to advertise. With information available to consumers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and the ease with which you can change your page. Through Treasure Tech - can assist you in delivering a quality web site. Promote your business with our "21st Century Technology handled with a Home Town Touch!". Email us at:, call us at 502-243-0309 or Fax us at (502) 243-9295. The experienced staff here at will make your decision to go online a winning experience! See the new services we offer below!


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Web Hosting

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Advertise Here
Marketing and advertising is the key to any successful business. Having a business and NOT advertising it is like installing a phone and not giving out your telephone number. Let us help you "advertise" your business on the world-wide Internet with a web site. If you already have a web site or just want to advertise your business name and phone number, we can             provide an "ad" for your business on this page or others. Email us or contact us at 502-243-0309 for details and pricing.

Credit Card Processing 
 Allow your customers the option of using credit cards to purchase your goods and/or services. If you already accept credit cards, we would be happy to evaluate your current rates to see if we can save you money. If you do not currently accept credit cards, please Email us or call us at 502-243-0309. We will be happy to explain our program to you in detail with no pressure or obligation.

Internet Access
Are you tired of all the advertisements your get with your current Internet Service Provider (ISP)? Tired of busy signals from your "free" provider? We offer service through Lightyear (formerly Unidial) which is based in Louisville and is one of the fastest growing communications companies in the United States. Monthly service is $19.95 up to 150 hours of access per month. You will be happy with this dependable service. You receive one free email account with this service. Additional email accounts are $5/each. Email us or call 502-243-0309 to sign up today.

Long Distance
Have you been "slammed" lately by a long distance phone company? Have you recently signed up for "CHEAP" long distance service only to find out there are "hidden" costs on your bill? We offer simple, straight- forward pricing for long distance with no additional charges or hidden fees, through Lightyear (formerly Unidial) headquartered in Louisville, KY. Based on your monthly usage, you will pay as little as $.069/minute or no more than $.089/minute with minimal usage. There is a $3.00 per month service charge. We will be glad to review your current phone bill to determine if this service is best for you and will save you money on a monthly basis. Email us or call 502-243-0309 for a free, no obligation, analysis on your personal or business numbers.

Graphic Design We offer advertising designs for print and web media, such as: logos, business cards, brochures, flyers, etc. Email us or call us at 502-243-0309 for detailed information.


1-800 Service, Calling Cards, Internet Consulting,  Email us or call us at 502-243-0309 for detailed information.


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